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Heroic Garrosh Hellscream 10man

by aeristial on Jan 07, 2014


We had our Christmas break from raiding and decided to try and get the Cutting Edge Achievement for killing Garrosh Heroic on 10man, we had more gear then the average 10man would have which meant most bosses were pretty much steamrolled with there being only two real exceptions Siegecrafter and Garrosh, we did wipe a few other places but nothing serious.

On Siegecrafter we had decided to change stuff around and use a different killing order on the belt which meant we got new abilities and new stuff on the ground to avoid, some of our raiders called this tactic "retarded" "impossible" "pointless" among other things. Although I must admit I feel it took way to long to kill and our kill was indeed messy, none of that mattered since our goal was Garrosh. We tried optimizing our setup which meant using some alts to have an optimal setup since some sections of the raiding roster weren't interested in this.

After ~50 wipes on Garrosh with most of the tactics set in place, we moved people around and went full mains in order to try and make the kill easier, yet it took another 30 wipes before we could kill it. On that way we had some tactic changes and some very silly wipes. A few of those was like we pushed Garrosh into p4 and failed to break Mind Control'd people and the entire raid converted before being ported, have Optimas havoc a healer and shadowburn the boss and kill the healer and a few issues kiting the Iron Star properly or handling the malice while trying not to spawn 2 or more Iron Stars. In general on Monday we had many p4 wipes and got somewhat close with a 2million or so wipe, but when we figured out what we wanted to do with 4th malice we didn´t get the opportunity to try it out again that evening.

We went back on Tuesday last night we had before converting back to 25man and Optimas would not be available but luckily we had seerax ready and willing and on the night we one shot the boss. All in all it was a fun experience in my opinion and I was glad we were able to finish it off although it had taken longer then planned!

Heroic Garrosh Hellscream CAUGHT

by aeristial on Nov 13, 2013

Garrosh Hellscream


MultiPOV - Otello, Derp and Suprea - First kill

Suprea - 2nd kill

As Otterman said in the start of the attempt it was a kill.


We had killed Paragons twice without the "HOP cheese", so we decided to focus on Garrosh extending the lockout in order to get a kill, since we had more then enough item level. After 157 long wipes we ended the tier and the expansion with the 76th overall kill and 44th 25man kill of Garrosh, which ends an expansion with a lot of change in roster and several problems, from barely having 25 people for Mogu'Shan Vaults to loosing many people during Throne of Thunder progress and again being in a situation where recruitment was very key, we actually had a stable roster for the first time in the expansion in Siege of Orgrimmar.
I also feel we ended the expansion on a ranking more fitting the guild, but we had been unable to achieve since we would have roster problems and high traffic in and out of our roster. It was also an expansion that gave us a world first 25man kill on heroic when we skipped first boss in Heart of Fear and killed Blade Lord Ta'yak, it was a long road with many new faces and few people sticking around.

Considering our best in this expansion on an end boss was 102th overall on Grand Empress Shek'Zeer, and that wasn't technically an end boss, that we can be proud of our end rank and a job well done while we look forward to Warlords of Draenor for a more equal competition in Mythic 20man raiding.


That being said Garrosh progress was not without various drama and anger, it's one of those fights where you can have 12-13 minutes of perfect play and one small mistake wipes the raid. These kinda wipes got on people´s nerves, I guess on mine especially, I think it was good that Suprea was done dancing on the beach and back at raid leading since I might have lost it several times if I couldn't just listen to music and mute my mic.

Our Windwalker Winkleqt was also "forced" into brewmaster spec in order to kite the empowered whirling adds around the room, there was a few wipes due to this, but in the end we got it under control and it went really well. Winkle handled the fact he had to play an offspec really well although sometimes you could feel his frustration in it :D

It wasn't until the last two days of progress we began getting phase 4 regularly, before that we only reached it a few times, and I think everyone will remember the first time we reached phase 4 where our long standing resto druid Sulliwan went "Did we kill the boss?", most people had a good laugh at that comment, on that note it´s worth mentioning that Sulliwan is the only player that has been in the guild since the very beginning till now.

We progressed the boss for 8 full raid days and the raid we had on Sunday before the kill was horrendous, and tension was really flowing at the end with many people on edge including myself again, luckily people calmed down and we had a good raid on Monday and probably should have killed it there, but we got the kill and people were content again.

We changed tactic to some degree more or less every raid day, some changes better then others, but we in the end had a really solid tactic and rarely had deaths/wipes in the normal phases, only a few in the scenarios. We tried to do a few adjustments from Monday -> Tuesday, which ended up with 6 people dying horribly and we went back to the winning tactic we had from Monday. One of the bigger problems we had on Garrosh was people DC´ing we for some reason had close to every pull someone DC or lag, special mention on this note goes to Seerax and Derp, Seerax is always good for pull DC everyone once in a while and Derp would DC everytime he used multishot on the Embodied Fear adds in the 2nd scenario, and speaking of that scenario.


As you can see even when looking at the kill night only some things which can be avoided hits plenty of people even though Xenorie kept calling for people to "play it safe and don't get hit" same goes for empowered whirling corruption Xenorie would call people to move and don't get hit, but still people got hit way too much. For those who havn't done the fight, this is basically big swirly circles on the ground in different periods of the fight which you take quite a big amount of damage from, and since it was a 4 heal fight all extra damage you take could potentially be hard to cover in healing.
This is far from the only thing that we had problems with but sometimes after a long attempt of 12-13minutes we would come back and pull again and fail miserably and just wipe due to being slow/failing on simply stuff during the first 5-6 minutes of the fight, these wipes were sometimes hard to take but the by far most horrible wipes were the few perfect attempts into phase 4 and we wiped from people doing random stuff. Getting malice in the middle of nowhere, standing between the Iron Star and Garrosh after some of these wipes you could feel people cringing but quickly after people were ready to pull again so we could kill the boss. The players who did this, you know who you are and we still love you, but at the time of the fail people were internally cursing, and some a bit vocal about it!

I have a feeling some people might want to add some of my greatest raging quotes, but for me personally it's very hard to remember what I said in the heat of the moment, feel free to refresh my memory!

Heroic Paragons of the Klaxxi DEAD

by aeristial on Oct 30, 2013


Warlock POV first kill

Rogue POV rekill

We finally did it, on the last pull of the reset, magic happened, all the abilities that had been killing us over and over again was avoided along with some help during the attempt. Combination of combat-res and Ankhs which meant that we finally reached the two last Paragons and one of our tanks died we had a combat-res available since Otterman was never res'd and we in the end killed the boss.

Our normal fearless and ever calm raid leader had a week ago left us for a short trip to go partying with his friends, which meant there was less coordination and calling out abilities over mumble, but he sent me this picture and it seems Suprea is having a good time on the beach.


We had been stuck for quite awhile on this boss it took the most attempts so far this tier, 169 heroic attempts, we went one spot down in 25man ranking from 44 -> 45 which is still very decent in my opinion for raiding 15 hours a week as we do. In my opinion this is the most complicated boss this tier by far, the amount of mechanics that you have to use/avoid on HC seem overwhelming when reading the journal and in practice it seemed as some of them was easily forgettable.

This is normally the point where I would start linking Worldoflogs and showing pictures of damage taken from various sources, but after like 80 attempts of progress we started calling wipes earlier and earlier when the attempts was more or less done and we had nothing to learn, most deaths from this came from standing in these abilities, so I will be nice for once! :shock:

One of the abilities which caused probably the most problems and still does is Whirling, especially since at the end of the fight it WILL kill people that get hit. We tried several ways to explain how it worked Kitzermitzen was even trying to help and drew this picture;


But alas people still die from it and still more victims is yet to be claimed from the dreadful winds. Other abilities which could get an honorable mention for causing much frustration and deaths are Caustic Amber, Aim, Fiery Edge also it seemed that some people really liked being eaten by Kunchongs which I thought was weird, some people were even so eager that during mesmerize they used their engineering rocket boots in order to reach the Kunchong as fast as possible some people didn't even wait for mesmerize and just suicided into one.

All these deaths from random abilities had caused some people to become much annoyed at everything, and there was times were keeping it calm and positive was very hard, and sometimes I feel several people felt like this.


It never got too bad, but you could at times feel the tension on mumble from some people, myself included I guess. Most of the time it did seem we kept it classy as the saying goes, "If you have nothing nice to say, don´t say anything at all". This is all in the past now, we are all happy again and ready for Garrosh progress.

Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse DEAD

by aeristial on Oct 15, 2013

Siegecrafter Blackfuse

This picture shows how progress on this boss was.


Otello & Rasensa POV

Suprea Tank POV

thedrax Belt POV

This is by far the most intensive and stressful boss so far this tier, we had 113 wipes in total, this is including the 20 or so wipes the first night without any preparation. This gave us a 78th West rank overall and 25man 45th World 34th EU, which we are pretty happy with!

This is also the kind of fight where movement/placement/healing needs to be pretty damn precise aka the raid stacks up and one person move away with bad stuff. This can be pretty hard when there's many thing happening and AOE damage to be done and on top of that you have the conveyor belt which needed to be learned. We went with several people on the belt due to various reasons setup/holidays/nerfs but most seemed to get the hang of it somewhat quickly although Derp needed some help from thedrax with pet management.
Early progressing was a ping-pong event that if belt was good, platform messed up this was often caused by heavy onset narcolepsy which a few people seemed to have gotten.

This onset narcolepsy was mostly seen in two abilities of the fight either on Sawblade or Crawler Mines. If a Crawler Mine was targeting someone and moving towards them narcolepsy would appear out of the blue and the raid would receive a detonate, it was amazing to see the amount of times a mine would slowly go into the raid with none stunning/knockback/rooting or simply moving back away from it.

We could sometimes have a person target by Sawblade, call said persons name out 4-5 times and still the Sawblade would spawn on the raid, and most likely leading to a few deaths! afterwards we would get a response from said person. Once the Sawblades was placed(even if done right) there was still some people that quite a few times went a bit too close and died from them when placing another Sawblade.

We could also have people running through fire for several reasons kiting/panicing and taking several stacks of the fire which would lead to their deaths.

Also due to the nature of the fight we only needed very few healers but due to certain people having holidays and whatnot, we needed Xenorie take up the DPS role and spam that Chain Lightning like no tomorrow, which he did but when the kill came he decided to DC in fire.

Heroic Thok the Bloodthirsty DEAD

by aeristial on Oct 07, 2013

Thok the Bloodthirsty


A long list of raid cooldowns, and 29 attempts to train the usage of cooldowns/raid staying in two groups and Thok took his eternal rest. We had only one attempt where we got past the cave bat phase but due to a few eager people moving to AOE bats, this took Thok into a frenzy way too early, when we got into fire phase boss was at 29% and we died pretty fast due to some misunderstanding.

The very next attempt we did that bat phase correctly and our fearless leader proclaimed that this could be the kill @40%. His confidence grew even to a point where he would want to leave Derp dead on the floor(which is the spot we usually reserve for winkleqt), but since he was in range we might as well get Derp back in the fight, but Derp was so heavily planted on the ground it took 3 druid combatres's to get him up.

Upon further investigation, it showed that Derp died with an overkill of 54, and even though he was the one using the most Healthstones the whole night, he didn't use it when it mattered.

People were afraid of the Yeti charging around, although it was never close to hitting us, but there was a hint of panic on mumble. With Thok already in execute range Suprea saw no point in opening the 3rd gate, so we would just kite and kill him instead, Suprea confidence in the kill was so strong that he at 15% took time to stand on the side of the room and dance around while he put master looter on.

Even with 8 healers we managed to kill Thok before enrage 9min 58sec.