Deathknight DPS
Demon Hunter Open
Druid DPS, Melee, Ranged
Hunter Closed
Mage Open
Monk DPS
Paladin DPS
Priest DPS
Rogue Open
Shaman DPS, Melee, Ranged
Warlock Open
Warrior DPS

Mythic Archimonde defeated

by Aeristial on Sep 02, 2015



A rundown of how raiding life is in DarkStorm.

5.. Stacking for burst and doomfires are bad.
25.. Optimas finds out theres 3 phases in the fight
50.. nothing has changed.
75.. Doomfire and burst is still bad but bruteforcing is working, now Shackles and Chaos.
80.. People are told to not move with chaos and move for shackles.
100.. Doomfire soakers are still dying, also bursts still a thing
120.. Pillars are annoying with random spawns
140.. Reach p3 with 1 person alive, don't reach it again for a long time.
150.. People are still moving with chaos
175.. Aeri is starting to loose his mind.
180 Doomfires are still bad, getting annoying.
200.. More DPS meaning random boss abilities, wasted a day on this.
220... Winkle solo soaks Mark of the Legion and shadow steps the boss, rogues are balanced.
Attempt 250 Optimas still trying to figure out what Mark of the Legion is....
260.. Aeri is loud and annoyed at everything.
270.. People are still moving with chaos. egg is having a meltdown
280.. Shackles is still hard to move from.
300.. Starting to get really consistent and good p3 attempts.
310... seems like we finally stopped dying to doomfire and bursts.
320.. Getting close to kill and Rasensa WA is broken by Rixers leaving the raid mid attempt trying to dismiss pet.
322.. Phase 3 and Swagger dies.
325.. Still broke, Rasensa is blaming the Exorsus notes for not including Egg.
330.. Spends night and day and brings back the WA with a fix.
On attempt 332ish Derp suddently started horse symptoms neighing all the time instead of using words.
335.. Derp wants Aeri to start Taunting, gives him shit about it.
340.. Optimas still not sure on Mark of the Legion at this point we are just hoping he doesn´t have to move to another group.
345... wipe on 3%... almost crying
348.. DC and Lag is back
350... FINALLY IT IS DOWN, Aeri blows out the ears of everyone including Suprep watching stream.


Time to farm HYPE


Mythic Mannoroth DEAD

by Aeristial on Aug 11, 2015


Shitty picture I know! but we did it FINALLY, after many many many wipes! over 150 at least. Precise is unknown mostly due to Derp ninja pulling while I was setting up marks for the fight GG.

While not shown in video I would like to do a special shoutout to all the people in DarkStorm who believe they can fly and like to wallhack. It's some pretty neat abilities but I would prefer people staying on the platform so we can use our combat res's from time to time ;)

Fury of Hellfire has begun!

by Aeristial on Jul 01, 2015

Mythic Shadow-lord Iskar

Mythic Socrethar the Eternal

Mythic Gorefiend

Mythic Killrogg Deadeye

Mythic Hellfire High Council

Mythic Kormrok

Mythic Iron Reaver

Mythic Hellfire Assault

Heroic Archimonde

New tier is out and have started raiding new content again which feels nice!

We (kinda) easily killed the first few loot bosses on mythic, after clearing most of the tier in 2 groups on heroic, we almost got Archimonde aswell but not enough dps with alts, it's a very nice tuned fight and it was close even with "cheesing" the last phase by sacrificing tanks :)
We spent a night with an mixed run and got him to 10% which was kinda close but just not enough and we killed it in 2 attempts with full mains

Though on Archimonde, it seems one of our warlock had a need for speed....



Hellfire Assault

Was a good starting boss lot´s of stuff going on and need to manage which targets to DPS and when to use CDs
In general the fight gets boring but as an entry boss this was pretty good on mythic the fight is an absolute joke on Heroic and Normal

Iron Reaver

Pretty simple and straightforward, assign healer CDs and kill priority targets and collect loot :)

Buuuuuut this boss has a frontal long cast one shot mechanic and along with being kinda tight on DPS this early on this ability gave us some headaches.... see for yourselves..


Play it safe guys going forward!


Looking forward to the rest of the tier!

Mythic Blackhand Dead

by Aeristial on Apr 03, 2015

No Foundry lasts forever my son...


Moonkin POV

Tier is finally over, Blackhand was an impressive tightly tuned boss, sadly we didn't get to kill him before 2 nerfs, with a few ninja pulls ect he lasted 263 attempts which was far too long, especially with the nerfs!

Also if you watch the video you will notice we actually end up 3 healing the 2nd half of the fight due to DC bug, we had quite a few DC or Res bugs happen on this boss, not sure what causes them precisely but annoying! GJ from the healers keeping us alive long enough especially in phase 3


We could have done many things better but end of the day it's a mean boss in a short fight which means not many battle res´s personal mistakes and deaths really mean a lot on this boss and we suffered hard from that more or less right up till the end.

Our tactics weren't finely tuned as fast as they should have been but we aim to get better in the next tier Blizzard throws at us, but I must say Mythic raiding is good for World of Warcraft, we love the challenge!

Bring it on!

Blast Furnace extinguished 9/10 Mythic

by Aeristial on Mar 16, 2015

Blackhand awaits...

Image Twitch Highlight Priest MC POV

Getting the hang of P1 took way too long but we adapted fast and got P2 under control and smooth pretty fast from the few times we got there.
The amounts of deaths in P1 due to people dying from blowing bombs on other people was getting a bit out of hand, while me and trallass was having the time of our life MCing and almost afking P1(actually wasn´t fun)


On our kill we did have some people trying to destroy the kill...

- Optimas trying to sabotage xD

Awaiting wowprogress update we are almost back 100% back to top 100 guild, which is nice :)