Mythic Helya and Trials of Valor Cleared

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Mythic Helya and Trials of Valor Cleared

Postby Aeristial » Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:06

While we didn´t get the kill prenerf as we would have liked, we can only say we should have played better, and we will continue in Nighthold with more focus.


(Classic DarkStorm, over 400 wipes and we still don´t know how to pull the boss with a timer running)

Our progress on this boss was long and slow and that gives some to say the least interesting situations

No pants?!?

Terrorist in the raid

Invincible Warlock

I can honestly say, we should have killed it prenerf and we probably should have had a lot more focus on the important parts of the fight. We were not prepared(ha?).
Luckily we can swiftly forget this boss in 4 weeks times and focus on the Nighthold :) :roll: :roll: :arrow:

For the most part, we had some fun times on the boss with people forgetting various things and assignments(I think we had atleast 200 deaths to Orbs and 50 wipes to tentacle soaking)
Everytime we hit phase 3, we also hit the panicbutton and we would actively try and wipe to the best of our ability(/sarcasm)

Currently we have had some roster changes after Trials of Valor and we would want to take in a few more DPS mostly and preferrably ranged DPS.
People with experience in mythic enviroment and good logs, classes matters less but Hunter/Spriest is prefered.
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