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Postby Derp » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:09

Mythic Gul'dan Dead

After 276 attempts Gul'dan (And his little buddy) are finally dead.

As seems to be classic DarkStorm fashion here are some of our best moments on Gul'dead.

Seerax Vs Momentum

Warrior Mobility

We are still looking for some exceptional players to bolster our roster and push ourselves higher in Tomb!

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Re: Gul'dead

Postby Razenza » Wed Apr 05, 2017 14:39

this is the best news post i have ever seen
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Re: Gul'dead

Postby Berri » Wed Apr 05, 2017 15:58

Where is the video with derp nerdscreams?
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Re: Gul'dead

Postby Optimas » Thu Apr 06, 2017 5:32

Gratz on the kill :)!
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